Not really a very special number (except if you do an explicit research on particularity). Nine is also the number of years, various versions of Berni's ~page are online now.

My personal favourite. For the fifth version of Berni's ~page the design was changed again. But not only the layout, also the content was reviewed. Out of date sections were discarded, new ones introduced.

Enjoy surfing through the latest update, I'm quite sure you'll find new, exciting parts as well as updated information on well known pages.

Breaking news

Since things are changing so fast I decided to start with my own weblog. So the news page now moved to the weblog.



As you may already recognized, by changing the layout browsing experience changed as well, even only slightly on my opinion. The main navigation is still on the top of the page. Topics have been reduced radically. Most of the old content may be found under projects. This makes it easier for me to extend the information periodically without the need to update the navigation as well.

Ah, yes. before i forget to mention: I also changed my ISP which forced me to change the url of my page. If you have/had any crosslinks to my old site, please update them since I doubt that the old location will be valid any longer. For subpage links simply surf to the desired content and copy directly the url your browser displays. The page does not utilize frames so you always get the full blown page of course. Thanx.

What the hack means "~page"? If you really raise that question you're not worth to continue before you read the howto below (or at least read the tooltiptext :-).

Btw: you are encouraged to send many any errors you find on this site, except typos. Since I'm not a native speaker, please forgive my bumpy english...


First of all, please appologize any inconvinience, because berni's ~page was unavailable for now a quite long period of time (~ half a year - a nightmare in the short living days...). I was forced to get a webspace provider, with a well balance cost-service level, since the old one was provided by the german flag University of Vienna which was abonded after I finished my studies (successfully, btw)... so lucky guy I am, I found a new home.

Berni's ~page was optimized for a resolution bigger than 1024x768 rendering on a Geko based browser. Personally, I recommend to use Firefox. Your browser should at least support CSS v1.1 to display the content as intended.


This version was extensively trimmed to comply to w3c standards. Hence you won't find table layouts, invalid align tags or any mess like that. Nevertheless browsers are awful, especially internet explorer.I lost a lot of lifetime for optimizing this page for readability on ie as well.

Backend technologie also changed slightly. I'm now able to use ssi, mysql and some lousy out-of-the-box freeware tools for my gallery service - but still no authoring system (I personally hate them).


Another howto. Focusing on how to browse through this page. If you're one of those nerds hanging around in cyberspace for hours each day, you may not read any further. In case this is your first live experience, there are some hints making live easier for you. Probably.

  • First of all: I cannot repeat it in every sentence. But if you are coming from a country with very restrrictive rights on content, please read my disclaimer. Also, if you are living in a country where everyone can bring everyone to court because of everything. Thank you.
  • Some parts of Bern's ~page are still available in german only. All of this stuff is marked by a german flag (german flag). If german is not your favourite tounge, do not use blowfish or something similar. In most cases you'll only get shit out of it (btw, this page was not compiled using those tools, even one could think of).
  • Another nice symbol you may encounter, is the disk icon (floppy disc icon). It indicates that the nearby link is pointing to a downloadable file. Therefore you may find that symbol especially in the download section.
  • Never ever use the contact link on right edge on the top of the page if you simply want to spam my account. Always bear in mind, that I will find you. Anonymity is fiction.
  • Don't take everything as serious as it may sounds. Especially my personal comments.
  • If you have problems, displaying the page or you at least think, that this should look different, please read the technical stuff section above.
  • Finally, "~" is a well known symbol refering to the home directory on unix based systems. Therefore "~page" means "homepage". People, not clicking on GUI controlled operating systems know that, others should as well.

One thing at the end: yes my keyboard supports uppercase characters. Simply, I don't like them.