The Sharp PC1403(H)

This page represents my collection of information around the famous Sharp PC1403 pocket calculator series. Unfortunately the included, official manual to the PC1403(H) only tells a bit of the truth. The calculator offers much more functionality, than the documentation suggests.

Tip: Lost your user manual?
Sharp published scanned PDFs of the English and German versions here.

On my researches using the Internet, I found some interesting and a lot more of less exciting information, spread around hundreds of pages. So I decided to collect the most useful hints, tips and tricks and publish them on a dedicated, public site. Here you are.

Please read the disclaimer carefully, before using any of the presented information (this note is especially for the American users :-). Anyway, you are invited to append, correct, update and / or comment the information.

2 Antworten zu The Sharp PC1403(H)

  1. ken riley sagt:

    can someone out there help me transfer info from a 1403 h to a pc or is it not possible

  2. Berni sagt:

    You will need to build an interface between IBM comp. PC and Sharp PC. Try this one ( , which should work well, even I did not try it myself.

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