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tcx2hrm is a nice tool to convert hart rate related data into Polar’s widely used HRM file format. However, today I would like to present you two useful tools for working with TCX files:

This tool is a very genius Java application (don’t worry, it is also available as Windows binary), that supports plenty of different GPS based file formats. Its focus is on converting data between those formats. However, as it also displays the GPS data as graphical map presentation, it is worth to take a look at it, specifically if you stored more than one exercise in a singe TCX file… And finally the really sweet aspect: it’s free of charge!

For those wired junkies that would like to get a deeper inside view on the TCX file, I recommend to use this windows freeware comandline tool to convert the TCX file into a readable XML presentation. As Garmin devices are optimized on saving memory (but still they use XML), they store the content without spacing and indent…

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