How does it work in detail?

The information provided herein is very technically focused. Please be aware that only limited support is available for any questions related to those items.

tcx2hrm follows as step wise approach to convert TCX data into HRM file format:

  1. Parse TCX file and extract recorded data from the selected lap and track
    • A track consists of (theoretically) unlimited number of data rows
    • Each data row consists of a limited number of data columns
    • There is an XML schema definition available for the TCX xml format
  2. If requested, store the GPS related information into a seperate GPX file
  3. „Normalize“ data
    • Find out the required data columns (on basis of the maximum data available)
    • Check each data row for consistency (existence of values for each required data column)
    • Depending on the selected strategy deal with non consistent data rows
      • Remove non consistent data rows
      • Set values for non existent columns to zero
      • Calculate intermediate values for non existing data columns upon a linear mean algorithm
  4. Convert data
    • Recalculate data to the supported presentation, if required
      • TCX stores distance information, while HRM only supports speed data
    • Perform unit conversion, if US unit is required for HRM output
      • TCX only supports metric unit, while HRM also supports US
    • Depending on the time interval of the input data, create intermediate records to match a one second interval
      • Replicate existing data to fit into the required interval and skip unnecessary records
    • Depending on the selected target record interval, skip unnecessary records and shrink down the data set
    • Flatten lap and track information, if required (generate one big lap/track)
  5. Create HRM file
    • Convert data set into final HRM representation format
    • Calculate additional data, specifically different header data summarizing certain aspects

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