Here is a short overview of all the features, tcx2hrm already comes with:

  • Java application running on any system environment, a JRE is available for
  • Fast, convenient command line tool
  • Supports any version up to 1.07 of the HRM file specification as output
  • Provides optional support of GPX file specification version 1.1 with pretty print output
  • TCX file must follow the version 2 xml schema definition
  • Selection of specific laps and tracks to convert
  • A variety of command line options to influence the file conversion
    • three different strategies on data normalization
    • two different strategies on data interpolation

If you have ideas for new features, are unsatisfied with the implementation of the existing ones or have any further comment, please use this email contact only:

tcx2hrm [at] bkits.at

Future ideas

Beside of your input, of course I have some ideas for future development as well:

  • Provide a graphical user interface in addition to the command line one
  • Support cubic spline interpolation for Normalizer and Converter classes
  • Chain processing of a list of files (directories)
  • Pretty print function for TCX files (they are hard to read, as any indents are missing due to memory saving)

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