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You can download the latest version of tcx2hrm here. tcx2hrm is free of charge, please read the license agreement and the documentation for further information. Also use the links at the right side of this page to get a better understanding about the application.

What this is all about

tcx2hrm is a nice, convenient tool for converting .TCX files into .HRM files.

TCX files are recorded by various Garmin equipment types and store GPS tracks with different kind of additional data, like altitude, distance, heart rate or cadence – depending on your actual hard- and software setup.

HRM files are used for data exchange between Polar heart rate monitors and Polar training software such like Polar precision performance software or the successor Polar Pro Trainer.

Hence, converting TCX data into HRM files will only make sense in case heart rate monitoring is supported and activated by your Garmin equipment (unless you force tcx2hrm to fill heartbeat information with zero values in the HRM file). Since version 0.35 the tool also provides optional support for compiling a GPX file to preserve the GPS information stored in the TCX file. This is equal to the behaviour of Polar devices, as HRM file format does not provide direct support for GPS data.

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Why a new tool

My personal motivation to develop such a tool was the fact, that all my training data was stored within the Polar Pro Trainer software – which is (at least since version PPP v4) a good piece of software.

When acquiring a Garmin Edge 705 as a replacement for my legacy Polar S720i, I decided not to switch to the bundled Garmin Trainingcenter, but continue with the Polar software which looked much more mature to me.

Hence I needed a solution to get TCX training files into the Polar software – and since I’m a kind of a software freak and no tool was available…

And last but not least, HRM is a broadly supported file format for data exchange, many tools on the market come with inbuilt support. So it might be of interest for you as well.

In the meanwhile, I noticed that there are two other tools with similar functionalities available: A web based solution and a windows binary, both from different authors. While the first one was there already long before my version was released, the second was by coincident a parallel development.

Who needs it

Difficult to answer. Anyone, who is using a training software that can handle HRM but not TCX files. Essentially those people are most likely sports enthusiasts, specifically runners or bikers. However, if you do not fit into this groups, do not worry to use it too.

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