Latest build

tcx2hrm latest version is v0.46r716. Please download it using this link.

MD5 fingerprint: 59caa74a7699ca7b7188ea84aa18142f

  • This is a so-called maintenance release.
    • A bug, reported by users „Blaze“ and „Simon“ on the time format within the TCX file was fixed.
      Apparently the usage of milliseconds was introduced recently (still compliant to ISO8601 as per XSD) which caused issues in Java due to limited ISO compatibilities.

As tcx2hrm is entirely written in Java, you will need to install a JRE (or JDK) v1.6 (or newer) first. Due to this approach, the application is available on any system platform where a JRE is provided.

Please read the documentation page to get information about how the software is installed and used.

As you can see from the quite low version number, the available build is from developer’s point of view stable enough to distribute, nevertheless any feedback – no matter whether it is positive or negative – is very much appreciated. Please use the following address only:

tcx2hrm [at]

Previous releases

v0.45r466 – MD5: a328348459193d5fc9acc035a5b9c917 download

  • This is a so-called maintenance release.
    • Internal data structure was updated to reflect changes of HRM specification to v1.4
    • Support for new HRM models
    • Support of new intervals
    • Default interval is now set to 1s as it is supported now officially – CHANGE OF DEFAULT BEHAVIOUR
    • Updated help page accordingly

v0.41r459 – MD5: 9eec181267b392f9bc2e0d04c4479154 download

  • This is a so-called maintenance release with following bugs fixed:
    • GPX file was not fully compliant to GPX schema definition (namespaces), which caused errors by reading the files with various 3rd party software
    • GPX creator link typo
    • Help text typos

v0.40r433 – MD5: f1c1cdf70d41638648484899bf2f2f88 download

  • Keeping breaks when using „-l 0 -t 0“
    • tcx2hrm now supports to specifically not interpolate breaks between laps and/or tracks
    • Per default, those breaks are now kept and no longer interpolated – CHANGE OF DEFAULT BEHAVIOUR for usability reasons
    • Two new configuration options have been introduced to force tcx2hrm still to interpolate data between lap/track breaks (as previously default)
  • Fixed bug with wrong speed values
    • If the interval was set to >1 second (default is 5), previous version did not recalculate speed values. This is now fixed.
    • The bug mainly yielded to wrong total distance values in PPP, as the application ignores trip data values (which were correct) but calculates the distance out of speed values

v0.37r432 – MD5: de1a4004544da8965c3c4a992def7b98 download

  • This is a so-called maintenance release with following new functionality:
    • Fixed a bug with the option „-l 0“; occasionally an error message was appearing wrongly stating that the track 1 is not existing (exit code 12)
    • Internal libs updated to latest version
  • Furthermore the links to the previous versions below have been fixed. As long as you do not experience any issue with version v0.36 there is no necessity for updating.

v0.36r409 – MD5: 7f13bf33522f0bb48d95bf49fefa1fee download

  • This is a so-called maintenance release with following new functionality:
    • Introduced new configuration parameter, that allows generation of HRM files with zero filled heartrate values if no heartbeat information is provided within the input file
    • Documentation page is updated accordingly

v0.35r381 – MD5:  b1df1bc3b1419e4efc25a2bf23e64588 download

  • This is a so-called feature release with following new functionality:
    • Introduced two new command line options to support the generation of GPX files (-g and -G)
    • Documentation page is updated accordingly
  • If switched into debugging mode, the internal data representation is dumped into a file called dump.txt

v0.30r352 – MD5:  83b62d0fd9a21d7c08f67451c935d5ec download

  • After various user feedback focus for this release was to fix as many issues as possible in contrast to adding new functionality. Hence, following bugs have been fixed:
    • HRM file name is now generated correctly if not passed, according to Polar devices and software (YYMMDD01.hrm); any existing file will be overwritten.
    • re-factored lap recognition system for generating intermediate time records to improve accuracy (also see this article)
      • average and minimum heartrate are now calculated as expected within intermediate records
    • additional system information is printed to support debugging

v0.29r352 – MD5: c7988f75a1d5f86adea355f516b0de38download

  • Added support for HR Zones section via static configuration file
  • Bug fixed: lap intermediate times are now calculated correctly (cumulative) – thanks to feedback from Andreas again

v0.28r346 – MD5: 4aa8358b34c020da6b17afa79a2b705bdownload

  • Added support for speed data through foot pod in TCX input file without recalculation
  • A few bugs fixed in regards to intermediate times
    • are now stored correctly in terms of position in HRM file (as expected by PPP, diverts from specification) – thanks to Juda for feedback
    • fillers in intermediate time are now seven times zero (unclear specs)
    • target file format must be at least 1.06 to store row four and five

v0.27r343 – MD5: f553f64bbcd0fe8ff08fa7a3aadcc913download

  • Added support for „MultiSportSessions“ in TCX after feedback from Andreas (thanks!)
  • Added support for combining laps (-l 0)
  • Lap information is now populated into HRM file IntTimes section correctly
  • Bug fixed: local timezone is no longer relevant for relative timing information in HRM file
  • Bug fixed: trip data information now stores time correctly in seconds instead of milliseconds
  • Bug fixed: Vo2max and weight are only written in case HRM file version >= 1.06 is requested

v0.22r327 – MD5: b5c33fe633c000aee8f0ef7a6aa72da7download

  • Fixed bug: in case „-t 0“ is used, standard output file name generation incorrect (epoche date)
  • Added support for external configuration file to provide static fitness information

v0.21r21 – MD5: 85568396112fa2cd3ff25d15528c9ccedownload

  • Fixed bug: exception occurs in case only input filename is provided
  • Added support for requesting unit conversion trough new command line parameter „-u“

v0.2r319 – MD5: 2342b3f5b4db26b005944f948b6b5824download

Initial release for distribution.

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